Our Services

Powerful interior spaces make a difference in our lives. These spaces are where we come to work, heal, learn and live. At IDS we combine creativity, passion, research and expertise to deliver spaces that empower us with increased performance, improved health, enhanced comfort and added flexibility.

Across every market we serve, we strive to produce thoughtful interior environments. Our work never loses focus on the human experience of space and we are committed to achieving design solutions that enrich lives and empower individuals, teams, campuses, organisations and communities.

IDS offer a complete interior design service. When required, we work with a dedicated team of builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, joiners and cabinet makers, furniture upholsterers and other talented trades who collaborate with us to deliver innovative, sophisticated and thoughtful interiors.

You can engage us for basic consulting services from a brief discussion and ideas development to full design services. We guide clients throughout the design process and provide a range of tools to assist you with capturing and defining your requirements. Choose one, all or a combination of the following services.


We ask. We listen. We make spaces work. We design interiors. With your organisation in mind, we explore concepts and develop your vision for all your interiors and provide integrated solutions. We add our experience to your style and brand to create the ambience you’re after with the functionality that is required.

  • Outline of brief
  • Sketches & plan drawings
  • Presentation boards with samples of colours, fabrics , furniture and finishes
  • Preliminary budget and schedules
  • Project timeline and milestones
  • DA documentation and submission
  • Design and construction documentation
  • Finishes selection, specification and scheduling
  • Post occupancy evaluation


Communicating the vision is an integral part of design. With the use of 3D modelling, you can navigate the entire renovation, complete with selected colours, furniture and finishes. You can see exactly what the design will look like.


Everyone has a budget. The question is how to maximise what you get within your budget constraints. We have experience in developing cost effective solutions and restructuring the development plans to achieve outcomes and cost efficiencies. We also provide a realistic guide on your estimates and help you factor in unknown costs.

  • Plan of budget
  • Proposed solutions


We provide advice. Sometimes all you need is direction. You can simply engage us to “pick our brains” or confirm your ideas. We want to be accessible. Often a chat or visit is enough to put your mind at ease and provides a small but reassuring investment before you progress with your plans.

  • Assessment of interiors
  • Sketches of layouts
  • Advice on colour, furnishings and finishes
  • Cost estimates
  • Brief outline of all suggestions

SPACE PLANNING (Layout Options)

We create, rearrange or innovate to create spaces that work. With over a decade of industry experience, we can’t help but walk into a room and start thinking of replanning the space to be more effective, efficient, easy flowing and comfortable. It’s instinctive and what we do best. No space is too big or small.


There are so many elements to renovation and construction – councils, builders, suppliers and consultants. We can liaise with all these entities and direct you through the process, documentation, project planning and costs involved to ensure you are covered.

  • Organise quotes
  • Liaise with builders and trades
  • Prepare budget guides
  • Co-ordinate suppliers
  • Prepare project plans
  • Develop staging strategies
  • Liaise with other consultants
  • Co-ordinate with removalists
  • Manage relocations